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Health Resources

COVID-19 is a serious concern of ours. We believe that God desires to see us take care of our health and be mindful and respectful of the health of others.

Below, you'll find resources from three major Seventh-day Adventist health networks on what you can do to protect yourselves and others during this time. 

Advent Health

Kettering Health

Loma Linda University Health

Information on Legal Requirements

There is no mask mandate or proof of vaccination currently required by law.

Additional Resources

We believe that the health message is the right arm of the gospel. Below you will find resources from Ellen White on health principles we can each follow, including getting out in nature, eating a more natural diet, and so on. Many have found these resources to be a blessing and we hope they will be so for you too.

Ministry of Healing

Counsels on Health

Healthful Living

Please note that this is not intended to replace medical counsel and treatment from your primary care provider and/or other medical professionals.